shutterstock_177032936With summer movie season in full swing, one must consider the process by which movie casting directors match the right stars to their intended films. This challenging task, which can ultimately make or break the box office and critical success of a film, is not unlike the process by which healthcare providers (HCPs) and experts are evaluated and ‘cast’ into their roles on a committee of experts by ACI Clinical on behalf of sponsor companies.

Whether you are creating an Endpoint Adjudication Committee (EAC) or Data Monitoring Committee (DMC), also known as a Data Monitoring and Safety Board (DSMB), thoughtful evaluation and engagement of the right type of candidates is critical to ensure project success. Committee members should be selected in order to convene a group of qualified individuals who will operate in a highly functional manner, independently of the sponsor, to best serve the needs of the trial or program.

Qualifications should include:

  1. Expertise in the therapeutic area of the adjudicated endpoint
  2. The ability to accurately review patient-centered records and trial tabular data
  3. The ability to design and adhere to programmatic rules which define clinical endpoints
  4. Understanding of the role of a committee within the context of the regulatory approval process
  5. Have no conflict of interest activities either by work undertaken elsewhere within the sponsor organization or externally to the sponsor organization

By following the carefully crafted criteria to ensure the quality of committee members, there is a likely success that the resultant committee will be a blockbuster!

If you’re interested in becoming a Committee Expert, or would like to learn more, please click here.