shutterstock_234568837 In order to stay compliant, pharmaceutical companies must be more diligent than ever in tracking their financial payments to the doctors that work for them. This is especially true since the Physician Payments Sunshine Act, informally known as the Sunshine Act, was established in 2010 to promote transparency surrounding the financial relationships between pharmaceutical companies and doctors. Now, pharmaceutical companies and their vendors must thoroughly track, record these payments, and report the payments via a Health Care Provider (HCP) Spend Report.

To help support our Pharma clients, ACI Clinical has created a systematic process in which our HCP Spend Report is documented and submitted monthly to the Sponsor, detailing the payments to our committee members, specifically the doctors and statisticians that make up our Endpoint Adjudication Committees (EACs), Data Monitoring Committees (DMC), and expert consulting solutions.

We understand and acknowledge that every Sponsor is different and has various requirements they must meet within their own company, so we work vigilantly to adapt to their specific needs to communicate the information accurately and efficiently. We are able to accommodate any sponsor-requested report format whether it is spreadsheet, online portal, etc. so that our clients can always trust that the system we have created for reporting HCP payments that we make on a sponsor’s behalf is transparent and reliable so they can stay compliant.

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